Make website in 3 Easy Steps
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Make a website in 3 easy steps:Build a Website Tonight

Websites serve a variety of functions in the internet world. You may want to:
  • Build a website to start a new business online
  • Expand the exposure of your current business with a website 
  • Make a website for a non-profit organization
  • Create a website for personal or family use,
regardless of what the purpose of your website is, you can make a website in one evening using our simple to use interactive website building software that starts as low as just $9.99 per month. When you make your own website you save $1,000's of dollars
over what it would cost to hire a web professional and you control the look and content of your web page!

The three simple steps to creating a web site:
  1. Select a Website Design: Start with one of 1,500+ free website design templates, including over 90 easy Make a Website design templates with pre-built text, photos and navigation for 5 pages. Next you select from 14 website page layouts that project your web site in the best light… each page can have a different layout. Now you are on your way to creating a fresh website design that is uniquely yours!

  2. Personalize Your Website: Select your website color scheme or change the color of any site element to create that perfect look. Add photos to give you website a professional image or to share photos with other. You can upload your own photos to make a website your own or choose from over 8,000 professional-quality images from our photo gallery at no additional cost. Next you personalize your text and web site content with bullets, numbering, hyperlinks… even input and edit your own HTML. Finally you just point and click to add videos, music, pre-designed Flash animations, RSS feeds, widgets and much more.

  3. Publish it! Preview your web site before you publish with one click to view and make any changes before you publish to the Web. Publish your Web site with one click and you are live on the Web. Finally use our exclusive tools to optimize your website for search engines with Google Webmaster Tools.
View websites examples: Interested in selling sporting goods online, make a website for Fly Fishing Products , wholesale, or if you operate a retail store and would like to make a website to give your company more exposure.

Choose a Domain Name to Build Website With
TIP: Click on the button to search for available domain names to name the website that you are building.

When choosing a domain name pick a name which describes what your website is about i.e. www.theflyfishingplace.com sells only fly fishing products retail or
www. sks-bottle.com wholesales bottles and jars to the food industry.

Make a Website to Sell Products Online
Online Sales are expected to hit $144 billion in the U.S. in 2011 so what are you waiting for?

You can quickly make a website just to sell products online or you can add one to your existing Web site in a matter of minutes. You can accept PayPal® and credit cards, offer multiple shipping options, issue coupons and more, all via your secure web site. Unlike other website programs there are NO "percentage of sales" fees!

Start you own business selling organic skin care products online in an evening.

Another alternative to having a shopping cart is to use FaceBook to make a website and sell online for free.

Build a Website and add a Blog
Improve website traffic to your website and get your voice out over the web! Blogging is a fast and easy way to bump up a web site that allows you to post your  comments and photos on the web and interact with your web site's visitors. Whether you're writing a personal journal or looking to influence audiences, Quick Blogcast is the must-have blogging tool for you.
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